Cute Engineering

What if marvels of engineering were cute! Cute bundles of joy, energy packs of curiosity and melody of blabber is what makes one’s life complete. We understand your feelings as a parent and our innovations are driven by both mind and heart.

Therefore at abdc we believe in getting to market products that are engineered as per the most stringent European norms. At the same time these engineering products need to attract the imagination of your little one and give him a comfortable abode.

At abdc, we endeavor to make comfort meet safety and fun.

Our strollers have unique features like flat metal tube frame, Dual brakes, 5-point safety belt,

Adjustable Handlebar, Reversing Push-bar that enhance the safety of your little one. They have Built-in shock, Extra Padded seat Cushions, uniquely designed leg rest, Flat bed design, 5-point Adjustable back seat for additional comfort. They also have unique and attractive colors and patterns that help in the development of imagination of the child.

Our Baby Shoes are designed keeping mind the delicate bones and tissues of children and after understanding that their walk is not as controlled and coordinated as ours. They are so comfortable that you may want to reverse time to fit into one of those.

Our products are available at all leading baby gear and online stores.

We offer a wide range of products that help parents in the great experience of raising the child in the best way.

Isn’t our engineering Cute!

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